Air Conditioning Repair

Contact us today if you live in Central Florida or a nearby area and need fast air conditioning repair service. On a sweltering Florida summer day, nothing is worse than a broken air conditioning. If you need repair or service for your air conditioner, JBC Repairs is here for you. Our master-certified technicians can handle all of your HVAC cooling and air conditioning service needs, including AC repair, AC replacement, AC installation, and AC maintenance.

We offer repair service for home air conditioning that is five stars. We work on all major brands and can fix a wide range of cooling systems, including both central and ductless air conditioning.

Also, if you need a new air conditioning unit, we can take care of that too. We have a wide range of energy-efficient air conditioning systems to choose from, and we’re sure we have the right one for you.


Addressing air conditioning warning signs as soon as they appear is critical to avoiding costly emergency repairs. In fact, many problems can be avoided entirely by doing basic annual maintenance on your air conditioner. Some of the most typical signs that air conditioning repair is required are listed below:

  • Frosty Unit: Is your air conditioner covered with frost and struggling to maintain your desired indoor temp? First check your filter and confirm the majority of your vents and registers are all open. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, ac repair is needed.
  • Dirty Filters: Filters need to be changed every 1-3 months depending on your unit. If you have pets, allergies or are doing any home remodeling indoors it’s important to change them even more frequently.
  • Not Cooling: Is your unit’s fan blowing, but no cold air coming out? You might have a refrigerant problem or broken part, both of which require professional repair.  Contact us today.
  • Loud Noises: Is your system making unusual sounds when running? This is an indicator it’s struggling to keep up and is showing wear. An AC Tune-Up is key here to avoid costly repairs.
  • Failing to Start: AC suddenly failing to start? Check your thermostat batteries along with your breaker panel to confirm you’ve got power flowing to your unit. Also, be sure no outdoor vegetation (plants, grass, debris, etc) is obstructing your system. If none of these resolve the issue, it’s time to contact us and schedule ac repair.

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Is your air conditioner acting up?

No cold air

If you are unable to feel cold air coming from the vents despite the system being on, it may be a problem with air intake, the condenser, or the refrigerant. To troubleshoot the issue, you can check the thermostat and contact us for further assistance.


Thermostat Problems

The thermostat of your air conditioner acts as its “brain,” so any issues with it could result in reduced performance or efficiency. If your AC is not functioning properly, it may be necessary for a technician to come and assess the situation.


Frozen evaporator coil

If your air conditioner appears to be “frozen” even during hot summer weather, it may be a result of low air intake. One potential solution is to check the air filter. If that does not fix the issue, it could be a problem with the refrigerant. Contact us so we can assess the situation and offer a solution.


High energy bills

An air conditioner that is not functioning properly will not be energy efficient. If you have noticed an increase in your utility bills without a corresponding increase in outdoor temperature, it could be a sign that there is a serious issue with the air conditioner. It is recommended to have the system checked and repaired as needed to ensure it is running efficiently.


Short cycling

If your air conditioner is constantly turning off and on, running for only a few minutes at a time, it is known as “short cycling.” This could be caused by a variety of factors. To determine the cause and find a solution, it is recommended to contact a professional for assistance.


System making strange noises

It is normal for air conditioners to make some noise while they are running. However, if you notice loud, disruptive noises such as screeching, grinding, or whining, it could be an indication of a problem. To troubleshoot the issue, it is recommended to call a professional and describe the specific noises you are hearing.